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Turkey is one of the countries where health tourism is actively carried out. It hosts clinics that offer the best opportunities to patients with the number of specialist physicians and professional service approach. CLINIQUEPLUS is one of the most preferred clinics in Istanbul thanks to the many advantages that it offers to its patients.

By choosing CLINIQUEPLUS, you can get quality service in many areas. The services that our company offer;

Special Physicians

CLINIQUEPLUS is a health tourism agency that provides services in many areas such as hair transplant, aesthetic surgery, weight loss surgery and dental aesthetics. You will return to your country with satisfaction as a result of the support that you will receive from our company and the services of our special physicians. The support that you are going to receive from our professional staff will continue at every stage of your treatment process.

Free Consultation and Follow-up

Every patient who consults our clinic will be given free consultation about the operation that they want to receive service. Counseling service is not only limited to the information process, but also continues with patient follow-up. Your communication process, which starts before you come to Turkey, continues with the other services you receive here. CLINIQUEPLUS is going to be with you at every stage of the operation, and offers you all the comfort that will facilitate your treatment process.

Supply of All Medicines for Patients

As a result of the procedure that you have in Clinique Plus, your doctor may recommend you to use some medications. All these medications are supplied by our clinic for our patients.

World Class Service

Turkey is one of the countries that is preferred by people who want to receive professional services in the field of health tourism. You can choose CLINIQUEPLUS to benefit from world-class service with a reasonable price policy and the surgeons who are experts in their field.

JCI Accredited Hospitals

JCI accreditation is given by reference companies that measure service quality in the health sector. As a result of our cooperation with institutions that have JCI accreditation, your treatment process will be at a premium level. It will be certain for you to achieve the look you want with the service you will receive in clinics that is approved by international standards.

Affordable Pricing

Turkey is one of the countries that provides services at a more affordable cost when it is compared to the USA and European countries. Moreover, while receiving service, you both enjoy being in a mega city like Istanbul and benefit from the VIP service process. The biggest reason why Turkey offers services at affordable prices is that Turkish Lira is lower than other currencies.

VIP Transfer

The transportation needs of every patient that is landing in Turkey are provided by VIP transfers. You will experience the comfort of staying in a magnificent city with CLINIQUEPLUS! Thanks to the service you will receive in Turkey in the field of health tourism, your every need will be met. The service of our company starts with the airport pick-up and continues with transfer, accommodation, treatment process and return journey.

5 Star Hotel Accommodation

We are with you at every stage of your treatment process, where you will experience 5-star accommodation in Turkey’s best hotels. You will be located in the center of the city and able to spend your free time in a pleasant way with the hotel that you stay. You will happily return to your country with special treatment opportunities where you can benefit from all the opportunities of the city.

7- 24 Patient Follow-up

Every patient who prefers CLINIQUEPLUS is followed up by our clinical staff from the first stage to the last stage of the process. With 7-24 patient follow-up, you will receive professional support at every stage of the operation, and you will not encounter any question marks. In line with the information that you receive by our expert staff, you will be subjected to a smooth treatment process.

Language Advantage

Thanks to the CLINIQUEPLUS’ experienced staff who can speak different languages, you can continue your treatment without any communication problems. Since you prefer Turkey, you will be able to benefit from the advantage of language and you will not have any problems in communication.

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