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Thigh Lift

Thigh lift is an operation performed to eliminate looseness, sagging and irregularities on the inner thighs. It is used for excess skin on the inner and outer sides of the thighs and also for deformed skin with fat deposits.

Thigh lift surgery removes the excess skin and adipose tissue from the upper and inner thighs. This surgery, usually performed on women over the age of 40, can be performed at an earlier age for patients whose skin type is prone to sagging. In some patients, the problem is loosening of the skin, while in others it is excessive fat accumulation.

How is Thigh Lift Surgery Performed?

Thigh lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia and lasts 2 to 3 hours. The procedure begins with the surgeon determining the most appropriate incision for the patient. Excess skin is removed from the incisions and the incisions are closed. Thigh lift is an inpatient procedure and may require a hospital stay of 3-4 days. You should limit your movements until the postoperative recovery process is complete.

Thigh lift thighplasty removes sagging skin in the related area and helps prevent physical and psychological problems caused by loose skin.

After reaching the ideal weight, it provides more successful results. Thigh lift is often preferred after weight loss surgeries as well as other postoperative bariatric procedures.

The plastic surgeon makes an incision in the inguen area where excess skin and fat are removed and the surgical side is tightened. Before the surgery, there is a preliminary consultation with the patient. The patient’s health condition is examined. If there is no obstacle to the operation, the day of the operation is scheduled.

Thigh lift is generally performed under general anesthesia. Prior to surgery, the anesthesiologist will determine if the patient is suitable for anesthesia. The final decision is made in consultation between the patient, the anesthesiologist and the physician.

What are the Thigh Lift Types?

There are several types that may be preferred for thigh lift aesthetics. Your plastic surgeon will decide which one is appropriate for you, depending on your needs.

Inner Thigh Lift

Inner thigh lifting surgery is preferred to remove excess skin that cannot be eliminated with exercise and diet. In this procedure, also called a medical thigh lift, the surgeon makes an incision where the thigh meets the inguinal region. The inner thigh lift is one of the simplest surgeries and does not cause major complications.

Outer Thigh Lift

The outer thigh lift is a more difficult and complex surgery than other types of thigh lift. It is performed with large incisions. Outer thigh lift is also known as lateral thigh lift.

Bilateral Thigh Lift

Bilateral thigh lift is preferred to tighten the skin on both the front and the outer side of the leg. Thanks to this aesthetic operation, both thighs and hips are shaped.

Who Is the Best Candidate for Thigh Lift Aesthetics?

If you;

Do not have a general medical condition or disease that prevents you from having surgery,
Have excess skin on the inner and outer sides of your thighs,

  • Want to have a fit and aesthetic appearance,
  • You are the right candidate for thigh lift surgery.
  • Thigh Lift Surgery in Turkey with CLINIQUEPLUS.

CLINIQUEPLUS plastic surgeons are highly experienced in thigh lift aesthetics. If you want a more confident and youthful appearance, you are in the right place. You will feel safe with the quality service you receive at full-service hospitals and the patient follow-up system. You can have thigh lift surgery in Turkey with CLINIQUEPLUS in a professional manner.

An Overview of Thigh Lift Surgery

After thigh lift surgery, the patient usually spends the night in the hospital and is discharged a day later. Initial postoperative medications are administered in the hospital. The doctor may prescribe pain medication to relieve the patient’s pain. It is recommended that the pain medications be taken for the first few days. If the doctor prescribes antibiotics, it is important that the entire course of antibiotics is taken.

The patient should pay attention to his diet. Side effects such as swelling and bruising will subside with time. You can take a bath after two or three days. The patient will wear a corset. Heavy physical activities should be avoided for the first month. – This operation for inner and outer thighs is performed within 2 to 3 hours.

  • Risks that may occur include bleeding and scarring.
  • The permanence of the scars varies depending on the type of incision.
  • You can return to work in 1 to 2 weeks, but full recovery from a thigh lift takes 12 months.

CLINIQUEPLUS is waiting for you with its board certified plastic surgeons, modern infrastructure and hygienic health facilities. You can contact us for detailed information.



1. Can I walk after thigh lift surgery?

You can expedite your recovery process by taking short walks after the operation.

2. Does thigh lift prevent cellulite?

Although thigh lift is not a cellulite surgery, it reduces the appearance of cellulite as it provides significant tightening. c

3. Will there be any scars after thigh lift aesthetics?

Wound condition varies according to the incision type. But over time, all scars disappear.

4. How should I sleep after a thigh lift?

It is recommended that you keep your legs in a high position and sleep with a pillow under your legs. You should repeat this process for at least 3 days after the operation.

5. How much does a thigh lift cost in Turkey?

Thigh lift surgery in Turkey is performed more cost-effectively when you compare to many clinics in the UK, USA or Europe.

6. Is there a significant difference between before and after thigh lift?

Yes, as a result of the excess skin that is taken from the body, the change is seen very clearly.

7. Can I walk after a thigh lift surgery?

You can speed up your recovery process by taking short walks after surgery.

8. Does thigh lift prevent cellulite?

Although thigh lift is not a cellulite surgery, it reduces the appearance of cellulite because it provides significant tightening.

9. Are there any scars left after an aesthetic thigh lift?

The nature of the wounds varies depending on the type of incision. However, with time, all scars disappear.

10. How much does a thigh lift cost in Turkey?

Thigh lift surgery in Turkey is performed at a lower cost compared to many clinics in the UK, USA or Europe.


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