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Penis Aesthetics

Penis enlargement is the surgical operation preferred by people who are not satisfied with their penis size.

Penile aesthetic surgery, namely penoplasty, is a good option for men unsatisfied with their penile length. The fact that the penis is below the average standards for penis size and width can negatively impact the person’s psyche and affect his sex life. You may also think that the size and shape of your penis are smaller than the rest of the areas of your body.

However, a person can undergo penile enlargement surgery even if they have an average length. Personal preferences are crucial in this sense.

What is Penis Aesthetics?

Penis enlargement, also known as penoplasty, is performed to change the size, length and thickness of the penis. Penis enlargement may be preferred for a variety of reasons.

This procedure is performed by a plastic surgeon and takes between 45 and 60 minutes. The risks of any surgery should also be considered with penis enlargement surgery. The patient stays in the hospital for one night after the operation. The medical procedure is performed under general anesthesia or sedation.

Penis surgery is performed to lengthen the penis, increase its thickness or correct its curvature. It is worth remembering that penoplasty is one of the plastic surgery methods. Its purpose is, among other things, to correct the problem of micro penis, to eliminate the complexes that a small penis can cause and to provide for a happier sexual performance. For example, it is not directly related to a physical problem such as erectile dysfunction. Penile girth is examined for diagnosis and treatment.

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Penis aesthetics is usually performed under general anesthesia. There are different techniques used in this procedure. These techniques are evaluated depending on the patient’s symptoms and complaint. Some patients want to lengthen the penis, others prefer to thicken it.


Innovative surgical techniques and experienced plastic surgeons positively affect the success and longevity of the result. It is extremely important to be realistic. After the consultation, the patient is informed about the problem.

The surgical process is as follows:

  • Consultation,
  • Physical examination,
  • Anesthesia sensitivity check with the anesthesiologist,
  • Setting the date for the surgery.

Before the surgery, the doctor will ask you to follow some rules. For example, he may ask you to stop smoking and not to drink alcohol one or two months before the surgery.

Penoplasty includes several procedures: Penis lengthening surgery, penis enlargement surgery, penile enlargement operation with a certain type of liposuction, muscle fat removal procedure…

The techniques used in penile aesthetics are the following:


In the penis lengthening technique, it is aimed to increase the penis length by approximately 2 to 3 cm. During the procedure, the tendons connecting the penis to the pelvis are released and lengthening is performed in this way. Penis enlargement does not cause any change in erected penis size.

In penis lengthening surgery, the method of small incisions is used. The procedures may vary depending on the type of surgery. Your doctor will inform you in detail about what to do before the surgery and what side effects may occur after the surgery.


The liposuction method involves removing fat from the patient’s groin area and exposing the penis. In order to perform liposuction, the patient’s body must have a sufficient amount of fat. If the patient regains weight after the procedure and the amount of fat in the groin area increases, the penis will return to its old appearance and look smaller. For this reason, the patient should pay more attention to his weight status after the liposuction procedure.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

In this surgery, which aims to thicken the penis, fat is extracted from other parts of the patient’s body using the liposuction method. The fat taken from the body is injected into the penis to try to achieve a thicker penis. After penile enlargement surgery, the fat tissue injected under the penile skin may melt over time, and the penis may lose its thick appearance due to the melting fat tissue.

Penile Curvature Surgery

In this procedure, which aims to fix the penile curvature, bends are formed on the opposite side of the penile curvature by entering through the circumcision incision. Aesthetic surgeons control whether the procedure is successful by artificial erection.

Penoplasty, like other surgeries, should be performed by specialized doctors and competent medical personnel. One of the countries where penile aesthetic surgeries are the best performed is Turkey. If you want to have a comfortable and safe penis enlargement in Turkey, you can contact CLINIQUEPLUS.


1. Is penis lengthening surgery permanent?

Yes, it is possible to achieve real results in penile lengthening surgery.

2. Is penis lengthening surgery permanent?

Yes, it is possible to achieve real results in penile lengthening surgery.

3. How long after penile surgery can the patient have sexual intercourse?

After the operation, sexual activities should be avoided for 4-6 weeks.

4. How many cm can the penis be extended with penile enlargement surgery?

After penis enlargement surgery, the penis can grow 2-3 cm at most.

5. Does penis enlargement surgery prevent premature ejaculation?

No, penis enlargement surgery is irrelevant with premature ejaculation.

6. Is there any loss of sensation in penis enlargement surgery?

There is no change in sensation after penile enlargement surgery.

7. What is the cost of penis enlargement surgery in Turkey?

The price may vary depending on the technique that the patient will be treated and the clinic he will choose. For the most accurate information, you can consult the experienced staff of CLINIQUEPLUS.

8. What are the things to be aware of after your penis enlargement surgery?

After penis enlargement surgery, cooling can be applied with ice in a towel to reduce swelling, supportive underwear can be preferred, regular controls can be made and sexual activities should be avoided.


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