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Female Hair Transplant in Turkey


Hair transplants for women are becoming increasingly important in the beauty care and medical industries worldwide. There are many treatment options for women with hair loss, and Turkey has become the gold standard in female hair transplant procedures.


Causes of Hair Loss in Women


The onset of hair loss in a woman may be caused by many factors, with androgenetic alopecia ranking first. This type of hair loss, while often associated with men, affects many women as well. Other causes of hair loss in women include:


  • Traction Alopecia: Resulting from hairstyles that pull on the hair.
  • Health and Skin Conditions: Such as thyroid issues or dermatological problems.
  • Lifestyle Choices: Including poor nutrition and stress.
  • Traumatic Events: Physical or emotional shock that impacts hair growth.


Female Pattern Hair Loss


Female pattern hair loss typically results in overall hair thinning rather than the distinct balding patches seen in men. The Ludwig scale, designed to check women’s hair loss has classified this condition. The recovery of hair growth (Hair transplant surgery) varies depending on the cause, and some temporary types will also improve without treatment.

Hair Transplant Techniques for Women


Hair transplant surgery is an advanced treatment that involves extracting and implanting hair follicles to promote sustainable hair growth. Women suffering from hair loss has option of several methods like:


Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)


The FUE technique involves:


  • Extraction: Suitable individual hair grafts are extracted from donor sites on the head.
  • Implantation: At this point, the surgeons slit open micro channels and plant each graft in these areas.


This method can be off-putting to some women as it involves shaving the affected areas. But, FUE is more common because it has fast healing and less noticeable scarring.


Direct Hair Implantation (DHI)


This tends to be favorable in the eyes of women, as DHI does not result in shaving off hair from the recipient area. The process involves:


  • Implantation: Using an implanter pen, grafts are extracted and directly implanted into the recipient area in one step.


Recovery time is quicker with DHI as compared to other methods, however the duration of the surgery itself quite longer. Its precision and minimally invasive nature make it highly recommended for female patients.

Why Choose CLINIQUEPLUS for Your Female Hair Transplant?


There are so many benefits of selecting CLINIQUEPLUS as your hair transplant surgeon.


  • Experienced Doctors: The experience of our doctors in DHI and FUE procedures with over 20 years.
  • Advanced Technology: We use the latest medical equipment and hair transplant technology.
  • English Speaking Staff: Our doctors can communicate in your native language for better understanding and comfort.
  • VIP Treatment: Enjoy personalized services and a free consultation.
  • Affordability: Our services extend their helping hand to our customers at the most competitive prices without degenerating from quality of service.
  • High Success Rate: We have a commendable success rate and positive reviews from previous patients.


Cost of Female Hair Transplant in Turkey


It has also become a popular place for hair transplant patients, due to the skill of surgeons and quality healthcare along with reasonable costs. At CLINIQUEPLUS, an all-inclusive hair transplant package starts at $2,500, significantly less than the $10,000 or more charged in Western countries. This affordable pricing does not mean a compromise on quality, ensuring that you receive top-notch care and results.


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is the recovery time for a female hair transplant?

The recovery time will vary with each method used. FUE enables patients to return back normal life within few days, DHI have sardonic in recovery stage but still can be done so all activities of day-to-day living will not make much abstinence.

  1. Are hair transplants permanent?

Well, hair transplant is supposed to be a permanent solution. The transplanted hair follicles are not susceptible to the hormones that cause male pattern baldness, therefore after a successful transplant it is permanent.

  1. Is a hair transplant painful?

The procedure is done under local anesthesia, so there isn’t that much pain during the surgery. A small amount of pain is common after surgery and can be treated with medication.


For more information or to request a free consultation, please contact our team at CLINIQUEPLUS. We are here to help you regain your confidence and achieve sustainable hair growth.

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