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What is Mommy Makeover Surgery?

Mommy makeover surgery is among the aesthetic operations preferred by women who are uncomfortable with their postpartum appearances. Pregnancy can lead to deformed appearances such as excessive weight gain and deformity in the body. After giving birth, every woman who wants to regain their young appearance can benefit from mommy makeover aesthetic surgery. As a result of this process, it becomes possible for the body to recover itself and to achieve a fit and aesthetic form.

Why is Mommy Makeover Aesthetics Preferred?

During the pregnancy process and postpartum breastfeeding period, sagging in the body, excess skin, and non-aesthetic appearances might occur as a result of weight gain and loss. Mommy makeover aesthetic surgery is preferred to get rid of all this undesired appearance and have a new body.

What Procedures Does Mommy Makeover Aesthetic Surgery Include?

  • Breast Aesthetics (reduction mammaplasty, breast augmentation, breast lifting)
  • Abdominoplasty
  • Arm and Leg Lifting
  • Liposuction
  • Procedures such as vaginal aesthetics.

The operation process is carried out as a result of the patient’s request and the doctor’s predictions. The procedures included in the surgical process are performed according to the preference of the patient.

Are All Procedures Performed Together?

All procedures can be performed at the same time, depending on the patient’s preference. Also, different surgery dates can be planned upon request. The recovery period after surgery may vary from person to person.

Mommy Makeover Prices

Operation prices may vary depending on the hospital and the specialist physician. If you want to get good service for your health and body, you should do detailed research and apply for expert knowledge.

Wondered Things About Mommy Makeover

  • Can I get pregnant again after the operation? 

After the Mommy Makeover, the person can have a child again. For the procedure to be successful, women who do not plan to have children should prefer this operation. When the patient wants to have a child again, she may have a deformed body by going through the pregnancy process again. Although radical changes are not seen as much as the first pregnancy, it is still possible to encounter unwanted sagging.

  • Does the healing process take a long time?

The recovery process after surgery varies from patient to patient. After the operation; doing sports, lifting heavy, any movement that will force the body should be avoided. After 2 to 3 weeks, you can slowly get back to your daily life. During the first 4 or 6 weeks of the recovery period, you may have swelling in your abdomen and breasts. Don’t worry, this is a natural response of your body and will help you heal.

  • Who can have mommy makeover aesthetics?

As a result of the doctor’s approval, any patient can take advantage of this surgery.

  • At what age is Mommy Makeover aesthetics preferred?

It is generally preferred between the ages of 25 and 40 although it differs from patient to patient.

  • When is Mommy Makeover aesthetic surgery performed?

After completing your first postpartum year, you can have Mommy Makeover surgery. Patients of all ages can have this surgery. The breastfeeding period must be over and a period of 6 months must have passed minimum in order to be eligible for surgery.

If you want to get information about Mommy Makeover surgery, get an opinion from an expert right away! Clinique Plus which provides professional service in the field of health tourism is with you at every stage of your treatment process!

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