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Weight Loss Surgery in Turkey

Turkey, which is among the most popular countries for weight-loss operations, offers successful feedbacks with important results. Weight loss surgery, also known as obesity surgery, is one of the operations that allow you to get real results.

So, why should you choose Turkey for your weight loss surgery?

Turkey, opening to the world in the field of health tourism, meets the expectations of the patients due to having the best surgeons and the best clinics as well as its professional service policy. Sleeve gastrectomy, which is the most popular among bariatric surgeries, is one of the procedures in which a large part of the stomach is removed.

Istanbul, one of the best ones in Europe in the field of health tourism, is among the megacities where you can meet your wishes in many respects. Thus, if you want to have weight loss surgery and have a new look, you should consult Clinique Plus!

Weight Loss Surgery| Sleeve Gastrectomy

Sleeve gastrectomy, which is among the surgeries that will change your entire life, is a weight loss surgery that allows you to lose weight by removing a large part of the stomach. After this procedure, the person feels full rapidly. You will eat less food after sleeve gastrectomy that will allow you to easily catch the feeling of fullness.

The address of quality life that will enable you to have a healthier life depends on the surgical procedure performed as a result of the correct examinations. When we look at the results of the studies, we see that sleeve gastrectomy surgery reduces risks such as heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke. This operation improves the quality of life of patients who have health problems because of excessive weight.

A gastric sleeve is one of the surgical procedures that will change your life. Obesity surgery, which offers a new chance to patients with overweight problems, should be performed as a result of the advice of a specialist physician. Is the patient suitable for the operation or not? We need to avoid making this decision on our own. Let’s not forget that weight loss surgery might lead to serious consequences such as death as well as offering a new life.

What are the Most Preferred Plastic Surgery Procedures After Weight Loss Operation?

Gastric sleeve surgery is a great opportunity for you to begin a new life. Weight loss is the start of a new process for some patients. In order to achieve the desired physical appearance, the patient may sometimes turn to plastic surgery procedures.

Rapid weight loss sometimes causes sagging and poor appearance in some people. While fixing small sags with sports, big sags might require something different. You can benefit from plastic surgery to get rid of the saggy appearance.

Then, which plastic surgery procedures does the patient apply to achieve the desired appearance? We have gathered all the important points regarding this.

  • Arm Lifting / Brachioplasty

Arm lifting, which is performed to remove or reduce excess sagging skin, is one of the aesthetic surgery treatments. If you want to complete your appearance with strong and tight arms, you can benefit from this surgery.

  • Thigh Lifting / Thighplasty

You can choose this procedure to remove undesired fat from the inner and outer thighs. As a result of thigh lifting, you can give your legs the touch you want.

  • Tummy Tuck / Abdominoplasty

Having a flat stomach is everyone’s dream. All patients who are bothered by the excess skin in the abdomen can benefit from tummy tuck surgery. A tummy tuck removes excess skin and tightens it.

  • Buttock Lifting / Gluteoplasty

Buttock lifting is among the aesthetic operations preferred by those who want to have a shaped buttock. Patients who want to have a more voluminous, more rounded buttock can achieve the desired appearance with this procedure.

  • Face Lifting / Rhytidectomy

Facelift surgery promises a youthful-looking face by removing sagging skin. If you are experiencing a loss of facial volume, you can benefit from a facelift for a better appearance!

  • Breast Lifting / Mastopexy

Breast lifting is one of the aesthetic operations performed to prevent the appearance of breast sagging. If you have a ptosis as a result of weight loss, you may take advantage of the lifting surgery.

Life After Weight Loss Surgery

Patient will have a healthier life after weight loss surgery. Bariatric surgery, which offers a new chance to patients with weight problems, should be performed in professional clinics under the supervision of a doctor. If excess weight prevents you from enjoying your life, contact us now! Clinique Plus, which offers suitable treatments and solutions to the patients, is one of the clinics that provide great results in the field of health tourism.

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