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How to Prevent Male Pattern Hair loss

What is Male Pattern Hair Loss?

Male pattern hair loss is defined as partial baldness that appears at the apex of the head area. The hair at the top of the head section may fall out over time depending on various factors, and with this, as much as the scalp can be seen. In some cases, hair loss can start from the end of the forehead, which is known as the starting point of the hair. Such types of hair loss, which are signs of baldness, can bring physical and aesthetic concerns.

The reason why the type of hair loss that occurs is called male pattern hair loss is that hair loss in men occurs intensively in a certain area. It is recommended to take steps to treat male pattern hair loss, which is a condition due to a high rate of genetic predisposition, without causing the problem of baldness. Taking precautions in the early period prevents rapidly thinning hair from causing baldness problems.

What are of Male Hair Loss Causes?

Hair loss can be seen due to many reasons. Smoking and alcohol use, postpartum hair loss, irregular nutrition, vitamin deficiency, excessive stress, sleep disturbance, skin diseases, vitamin deficiencies and hormonal changes can be shown among these reasons. Hair loss, which occurs due to many factors over time, is usually seen in individuals between the ages of 17-45.

Female and male pattern hair loss problems may occur due to the body’s inability to get the vitamins it needs. Vitamin E is one of the best vitamins for hair health. In addition, the use of special vitamins called creatine is also important for obtaining strong and healthy hair. In cases where both vitamins are deficient, hair follicles can lose their health. This causes the hair follicles to lose their quality and hair loss to occur.

To prevent aesthetic and physical concerns, it is recommended to first apply medical and natural treatments for the vitamins needed by the body. At this point, it would be correct to undergo a physical examination to get healthier information about which vitamin deficiency causes hair loss.

How to Prevent Hair Loss in Men and Female?

The main cause of the male pattern hair loss problem, which can be seen in women as well as in men, is the secretion of androgen hormone more than it should. To hair loss treatment for women, first of all, supplements should be taken to improve hormonal disorders, and then hair treatment should be performed. Hair transplantation and treatments against hair loss performed with combined options give a more permanent effect. Thanks to the individual-specific treatments to be performed, hair loss in women can be prevented.

Options such as special shampoos that eliminate hair loss and dandruff, serums containing creatine and vitamin e, hair care creams are among the first preferred methods for treatment. However, medical treatments are preferred for more permanent solutions. It is very important to act according to the doctor’s instructions to prevent hair loss and permanently eliminate the problem of baldness.

It is possible to have information about hair loss treatment and hair transplantation prices in Turkey by getting free consultancy. Questions such as how much hair loss is normal and which treatment is appropriate to eliminate the problem of baldness can be answered with CLINIQUEPLUS.

Which Treatments are Best for Hair?

Various natural and medical treatments are available to promote hair growth in men. These treatments include special serum and shampoo supplements, FUESapphire FUEDHI, and mesotherapy. According to the rate of hair loss and the anxiety caused by the problem in the individual, the most accurate technique is determined by the doctor.

The individual is informed about the change before and after the treatment, hair transplantation costs, and details of male pattern hair loss treatment. Then, a physical examination is performed to analyze whether the general health status of the patient is suitable for treatment. After the approval of the patient and the doctor, the stages of treatment are planned.

The treatment required for hair growth may vary according to the age, gender, general health status, and habits of the individual. In some cases, results can only be obtained with mesotherapy, while sometimes transplantation treatment may need to be performed. At the point where hair loss treatment should be carried forward, the FUE hair transplantation technique is often preferred.

The best hair growth procedure can be found with CLINIQUEPLUS. A free consultation is available before the procedure. The first step can be taken to prevent thinned, lifeless, or partially bald hair from reaching a worse appearance, and more self-confidence can be gained thanks to the dense hair to be obtained.

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