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How to Choose Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey?

Turkey has emerged as a leading destination for hair restoration. With cutting-edge facilities, highly skilled surgeons, and lower costs compared to Western countries, Turkey attracts patients from around the globe seeking effective and affordable hair transplant solutions. However, Turkey’s booming medical tourism industry means there are now hundreds of hair transplant clinics to choose from. 

Why Do People Go To Turkey For Hair Transplants?

Many people travel to Istanbul, Turkey for affordable yet high-quality hair transplants. Hair transplant procedures typically cost a fraction of the price compared to Western countries, thanks to lower costs of living and operating expenses for clinics in Turkey.

FUE hair transplants, where individual hair follicles are extracted and implanted for natural-looking results, are considered very safe and effective. Turkey’s hair transplant clinics use the latest techniques and tools to achieve maximum hair density in a single session.

Cosmetic surgery tourism, including travel for hair transplants, has also become popular and fashionable. Visitors can experience Istanbul’s rich culture and history during their stay. Since hair transplants are common in Turkey, patients feel at ease sightseeing around the city post-procedure.

Over 1.2 million medical tourists visited Turkey in 2022 alone, most receiving cosmetic treatments like hair transplants. Online reviews and clinic ratings now make people feel safer choosing a reputable Turkish clinic for their hair transplant.

Hair transplants in Turkey offer high quality at low cost, with the added benefit of experiencing Istanbul. For those seeking a hair transplant, Turkey is an appealing destination.

Take A Hair Transplant Holiday

Many people find that traveling abroad for a hair transplant allows them to take a mini-holiday while improving their appearance. Istanbul, Turkey is a popular destination for hair transplants, in part because it offers an exciting city getaway.  While in Istanbul for your hair transplant procedure, you’ll have the opportunity to explore world-class attractions like the Hagia Sophia museum, Topkapi Palace, Istanbul Archaeology Museums and Istanbul Culinary Institute.

After your hair transplant surgery, you’ll need to limit strenuous activity for a few days. However, lighter activities like sightseeing, shopping and dining out are perfectly fine during your recovery period. In fact, walking around and enjoying the fresh air can help reduce swelling during the initial healing process.

Istanbul’s historic center, Sultanahmet, is an ideal base for sightseeing after your hair transplant. This district is home to many of the city’s most famous landmarks, like the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia, within easy walking distance of each other. Take it slow and be sure to wear a hat to protect your grafts, but sightseeing in moderation will not harm your new hairline as it heals.

Shopping in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar provides another entertaining activity that requires only light activity. With over 60 covered streets and more than 4,000 shops, the Grand Bazaar is a paradise for those seeking Turkish rugs, lamps, jewelry and other souvenirs. Haggling is expected, so bargain away and find some deals to bring home memories of your hair transplant trip.

Beyond sightseeing and shopping, Istanbul’s world-class food alone is worth the trip. Enjoy fresh seafood, doner kebabs, pistachio baklava and strong Turkish coffee as you continue your recovery. Istanbul’s cuisine is highly rated worldwide, and you’ll find everything from fine dining to casual street food during your visit.  Just be sure to avoid alcohol while recovering from your hair transplant.

A medical trip to Istanbul for a hair transplant can easily become a fun-filled mini-vacation. While limiting intense activity after your surgery, Istanbul provides ample opportunities for light sightseeing, shopping, dining and more as your new hairline begins to heal. Turn your hair transplant into an exciting Turkish holiday and come home with great memories in addition to your new head of hair!

What Is Turkey Hair Transplant Cost?

Affordability plays a huge role in deciding whether or not to have a hair transplant. But for many males and females, the cost of going bald or having to hide under expensive wigs is more in the long run. Let’s discuss, why are hair transplants so cheap in Turkey? Why does everyone go to Turkey for hair transplant? How to choose hair transplant clinic in Turkey? Travel to Turkey for hair transplants and facial hair or beard transplants is gaining in popularity for several reasons, including:

  • More affordable prices
  • Package deals including flights and accommodation 
  • High-quality treatments and first-class customer service
  • Ultra-modern hair transplant technology 
  • Highly-skilled hair transplant surgeons •An abundance of hair loss treatment options

When it comes to the price, having hair transplantation surgery in Turkey is considered more affordable compared to the USA or Europe for instance. Let’s consider hair transplant USA vs Turkey costs — consumer reports have data that show Turkey, in general, is the cheapest destination for hair loss treatments, with the highest quality for a hair transplant. A female or male hair transplant in the USA can cost tens of thousands of dollars. A hair transplant in Turkey will cost a fraction of that, including the expense of accommodation and transportation.

Turkey has become the hair transplant capital of the world because of affordable prices, high success rates, reputable 5-star hair loss clinics, highly skilled hair transplant surgeons, multitudes of hair transplant success stories and client testimonials, and exciting cosmetic surgery tourism reports and news. Having a Turkey hair transplant is more affordable because, compared to big cities like Los Angeles and Miami, rents and salaries are lower, so hair loss clinics have lower overall operating costs and can afford to offer more competitive pricing.

Is It Safe To Get A Hair Transplant In Turkey?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to have a hair transplant in Istanbul. CLINIQUEPLUS has a solid reputation of providing safe, affordable and quality hair transplants for men and women, including:

If safety is your main concern, we have some helpful recommendations to get you on the right path to a successful hair transplant. When it comes to any kind of surgery or semi-invasive treatment, it is important to:

  • Do your research and ask lots of questions 
  • Visit hair loss clinic websites; check for client testimonials
  • Check online reviews and hair loss clinic ratings
  • Book a hair loss service with a reputable hair transplant Turkey clinic

Do you want to discuss having a hair transplant in Turkey at our 5-star CLINIQUEPLUS hair loss clinic, then send us a message through our website. Have a look at these Turkey hair transplant before and after photos!


Here’s Why You Should Consider Hair Transplantation in Turkey

Turkey has become a top medical tourism destination, especially for hair transplants. The main reason is that hair transplant results in Turkey are exceptional. Turkey is home to many highly skilled hair transplant surgeons who utilize advanced techniques to achieve high success rates for patients with all types of hair loss. Because of the affordability and quality, many travelers visit Turkey from other countries specifically for hair transplants.

The medical facilities and infrastructure in major Turkish cities like Istanbul are state-of-the-art. Reputable hair transplant clinics in Turkey offer the latest technologies, such as robotic hair transplants and minimally invasive FUE hair transplants. Patients can expect a high standard of care, professionalism, and dedication to customer service.

Istanbul, Turkey’s hair transplant capital, is a dynamic, historical city that many patients visit for tourism in addition to their hair transplant procedure. Istanbul is home to some of the most talented hair transplant surgeons in the world, many of whom have performed thousands of hair transplants on international patients.

Between the competitive hair transplant prices, reputable clinics, and highly skilled surgeons, Turkey deserves your consideration for a hair transplant. The combination of quality, affordability, and world-class surgeons makes Turkey an attractive option for hair loss sufferers from around the world seeking the best results.

Why Choose CLINIQUEPLUS For Your Hair Transplant?

CLINIQUEPLUS hair transplant Turkey results are exceptional. CLINIQUEPLUS success rates are nearly 100%! Many ask, does Turkey hair transplant work? Yes, CLINIQUEPLUS has a proven track record of incredible results for all hair loss types. See hair transplant Turkey before and after photos.

CLINIQUEPLUS is renowned for hair transplant expertise and commitment to excellence. CLINIQUEPLUS services range from FUE and robotic hair transplants to beard transplants and DHI transplants. CLINIQUEPLUS has an excellent Trustpilot rating and showcases hair loss client before-and-after photos.

We have glowing reviews and testimonials supporting our reputation for first-class hair transplantation travel Turkey services, including travel logistics coordination.

Want to know more about how we coordinate hair transplant Turkey flights and hotels? Ask us your questions and share your hair loss goals!

Our website provides information on Turkey mens hair transplant, including photos and details on hair loss for men and women. Explore all CLINIQUEPLUS in Turkey offers and start your Istanbul journey!

Why Turkey Is The Best Place For Your Hair Transplant?

Choosing a reputable hair transplant clinic in Turkey for your hair restoration procedure is a big decision. By doing your research, asking the right questions, and focusing on safety, affordability, experience and results, you can have a successful hair transplant experience in Turkey. CliniquePlus is a trusted and award winning hair transplant clinic in Istanbul, Turkey with over 20 years of experience providing high quality yet affordable hair transplants for people from all over the world.

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