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Get a New Look with Aesthetic Nose Surgery!

The changing world constantly changes the perception of beauty. Today, every individual who is under the influence of social media is turning to new changes due to aesthetic concerns. Just at the beginning of this change, aesthetic surgery is gaining in value. Rhinoplasty, which is among the most popular aesthetic surgeries, is one of the operations preferred by people who want to get a fresh new look. As people in a visual world, we share with you the nose job and its effect on people.

Having a perfect nose is among the most researched topics in the popular world. Meeting the demands of patients and ensuring that they have the look they want is the priority of plastic surgeons. In order to have the best nose for your face, you should consult a specialist clinic and surrender yourself to experienced and skillful hands!

About Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is an operation performed to change the shape of the nose. Sometimes you can benefit from this operation not only to change the appearance of the nose but also to improve nasal breathing.

Rhinoplasty is a difficult operation because of several factors. Rhinoplasty also does not have a standard plan or a specific sequence of steps. Doctors determine each operation according to the needs of the patients.

Do you need to stay in the hospital after rhinoplasty?

Anyone having rhinoplasty can usually safely leave the hospital the same day after surgery. You may stay in the hospital for a day if you have a special condition, nausea or other health problems that need to be kept under medical observation.

After the surgery, the healing process begins. Plan to take a week off from work, school, or other obligations as a first step. One week after the surgery, everything slowly starts to return to normal and you feel like just before.

You will experience some post-operative swelling. Although most people stop noticing it after a few months, it may take time for the swelling to resolve. After 2 – 4 weeks, patients begin to do most activities and return to do all activities.

Before and After Nose Surgery

Symmetry is important in rhinoplasty performed to have an ideal nose. It is important for surgeons to provide the golden ratio, the best ratio that the human eye can perceive with the created symmetry.

In order for the face to be perceived as universally attractive, the parts of the face and their relations with each other must meet in a certain balance. The main goal after nose job is to present a beautiful job for the patient.

Why is Rhinoplasty Performed?

Nose aesthetics, which is among the most preferred operations of plastic surgery, can be preferred for many reasons. The surgery is usually preferred by those;

  • Who have difficulty in breathing,
  • Having aesthetic concerns,
  • Who are disturbed by color change, wound and curvature of their noses,
  • Suffering from concha in the nose,
  • Patients with bone curvature and those who want to have a smaller and shaped nose.

What are the Risks of Nose Aesthetics?

There are some risks in rhinoplasty surgery as with every surgery such as;

  • Bleeding,
  • Inflammation,
  • A negative reaction to anesthesia.

If you meet anything negative, you should not panic and consult your doctor as soon as possible.

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