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A Hollywood Smile Design Story: Crowns, Veneers and Other Procedures

It is a fact that when we interact with people, we look at their faces, mouths and smiles the most. Like almost everyone, you want to have healthy, natural, and pearly white teeth. World-class actors and artists with this privilege have strengthened their careers with these features for years. Here, the Hollywood Smile and the accompanying procedures also express this impressive smile.

Especially in recent years, procedures in aesthetic dentistry have gained popularity and have become an art, so to speak, by bringing a new perspective to classical approaches. In this way, you can have not only a shining smile but also a work of art. However, remember that it is extremely important to improve your dental defects as well as factors such as aesthetic appearance and prestige in the society.

There are various procedures applied to achieve the smile of a Hollywood star. First of all, your mouth and tooth structure should be examined by an experienced dentist and the staff. Because you may not need every process.

In addition to your teeth, your gums and lips are also examined in detail. After telling your expectations to your dentist, you decide together which procedures will be performed to you. The most popular treatments used within the scope of the Hollywood Smile are as follows:


  • Zirconium crowns
  • Emax laminated veneers
  • Gum treatments
  • Teeth whitening
  • Dental implants
  • Lip fillers


The expert team of CLINIQUEPLUS takes your dental x-rays and makes your intraoral measurements before starting your smile design. As a result, you will see the final version of your treatment with a 3D imaging. If you give your approval, a special smile design is started for you.


Procedures in Hollywood Smile Design

As we mentioned above, you will have the treatments you need while getting the Hollywood Smile. Zirconium crowns and Emax laminated veneers are among the most used procedures.


1) Zirconium Porcelain Crowns: Zirconium dental crowns are of the greatest quality, with applications regularly attaining the required aesthetics, durability, textural harmony, and naturalism. They are also an essential part of the smile makeover.

The usage of metal-supported porcelain crowns in cosmetic dentistry is diminishing with each passing day. This technology, which has all the desirable characteristics, such as biological harmony, natural look, aesthetics, and high resistance, employs zirconium, a white alloy, instead of metals for its supporting structure.

We also choose zirconium-supported porcelain because it is both aesthetically pleasing and durable enough to be utilized on front teeth. These systems enhance your quality of life. Besides that, many dentists may produce zirconia crowns in their clinics, eliminating the need to send a tooth impression to a lab. The crown can then be cemented into your mouth in a single appointment. This method avoids the requirement for two medical visits to complete the treatment. To summarize their main benefits:


  • With its insulating properties, you will not experience sensitivity to hot or cold on your teeth.
  • It has light transmittance, it does not form a matte appearance on its surfaces.
  • Zirconium crowns are bonded to your teeth chemically and mechanically. Therefore, they have a very high durability compared to metal-supported coatings.
  • Their porcelain structures are smooth. Therefore, the possibility of cigarette-induced stains and tartar formation is very low. In addition, even if you frequently consume beverages such as tea and coffee, there is no discoloration on their surfaces.
  • They do not cause any taste disorders, gum problems or bad breath in your mouth.


2) Emax Laminated Veneers: A veneer is a topical material routinely recommended by dentists to improve the appearance of teeth. For problems like as missing or fractured teeth, they may be used in conjunction with other procedures, including as crowns.

E-max laminates represents a new range of dental coatings. It is a technique that specifically used to improve the look of the front teeth. As it is a cosmetic procedure, it is often applied to the incisors.

Emax laminates are made of lithium disilicate, which is renowned for its beauty and outstanding strength, even when sliced into extremely thin slices. The translucency, opalescence, and light dispersion qualities of the glass ceramic are expertly calibrated to mirror the structure of your natural tooth, so making the restoration undetectable.

Emax laminates have different advantages and this makes them an indispensable part of the smile makeover. The dentist will check if you are a candidate for veneers before the procedure:


  • They are in perfect harmony with your own teeth. With their light reflecting properties, they offer the closest image to the natural tooth.
  • Since metal infrastructure is not used during its production, there is no side effect such as an allergic reaction.
  • There are few types of veneers in dentistry. Emax’s are extremely durable. You can chew your food comfortably.
  • Their surfaces are slippery, so tartar formation is almost never seen on your teeth. This also greatly reduces the chances of gum disease.


3) Teeth Whitening: This procedure is one of the indispensable elements of smile design. Whitening your teeth entails bleaching them to make them brighter. It cannot make your teeth completely white but it can lighten them by many shades.

It is a kind of dentistry and should only be performed by a dentist or a registered practitioner, such as a dental hygienist. Your dentist will manufacture a mouthguard from an imprint of your teeth and instruct you on how to wear it with bleaching gel. Then, utilizing your biteplate at home, you apply the gel on a regular basis for a predetermined time period over a few weeks.


4) Dental Implants: The placement of dental implants might also help you obtain the perfect Hollywood Smile. 1 or more lost or damaged teeth can be replaced using this approach. A missing tooth can influence your appearance, digestion, and capacity to communicate.

In a succession of steps, dental implants are put under local anesthesia. There are a variety of sizes and shapes of them to best suit your needs. If there is inadequate bone, a transplant may be performed.

After implanting the gum, a healing screw is utilized to sew the gum together. It must then heal, and the prosthetic root must undergo 2 to 4 months of osseointegration in order to be successfully implanted. On the implant, a specialized dental prosthesis is placed. This prosthesis complements your teeth and general appearance the most.

After learning about these procedures, you probably wonder about the Hollywood Smile costs. Crowns and veneers prices in Turkey vary from case to case because the procedures and materials used are decisive. CLINIQUEPLUS family promises you a complete dental treatment, as well as free consultation, VIP transfer services, luxury accommodation and more. Please contact us via our contact information.

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