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Why is Turkey the Best Place For Hair Transplantation?

Hair loss is a common problem for many people around the world. While there are various treatments available to combat hair loss, transplantation is one of the most effective and long-lasting solutions.

In recent years, Turkey has become a leading destination offering some of the world’s best facilities and surgeons in hair transplantation as well as in medical tourism in general.

According to the data of the Health Tourism Association of Turkey (TUSATDER), 1 million people came to our country for hair restoration in 2022. In this blog post, you will explore why Turkey has advantages in hair transplantation.

What is Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure that involves moving hair follicles from one part of the scalp (the donor area) to a bald or thinning area (the recipient area). The procedure can be used to restore hair growth in your areas affected by male or female pattern baldness, as well as in cases of scarring alopecia and other types of hair loss.


There are several different techniques used for hair transplantation, but the most popular procedures in Turkey are FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), DHI (Direct Hair Implantation), and Sapphire techniques.


FUE is a technique that involves extracting individual hair follicles from the donor area using a small punch tool. These are then transplanted into the recipient area. This method is considered to be less invasive than traditional strip harvesting ways, and it results in minimal scarring.


DHI is similar to FUE method, but it uses a special tool called the Choi Implanter Pen to directly implant the hair follicles into the recipient area. This technique is considered to be more precise and less traumatic for the roots, resulting in a faster recovery and better growth.

The Sapphire FUE technique uses special sapphire blades instead of steel ones to extract hair follicles. This method results in less damage to your hair roots and less pain for you.

Turkey’s Advantages in Hair Transplant and Health Tourism

As we mentioned above, Turkey is not only a great destination for hair transplantation but also for health tourism in general. Our country offers you a wide range of medical treatments, including cosmetic surgery, dentistry, and orthopedics. You can take advantage of the latest technologies and techniques, as well as the expertise of highly skilled surgeons.


In addition to medical treatments, our country also offers a rich cultural experience, with its historical sites, beautiful beaches, and delicious cuisine. You can combine your medical treatments with a relaxing vacation, making your trip to Turkey a truly enjoyable and memorable experience.


To list all these advantages:

  • Turkey offers some of the most affordable hair transplant costs compared to other countries. This makes it a popular destination for patients from all over the world.
  • Turkey has a long history of expertise in hair treatments, and many of the top surgeons in the field are based in our country. These surgeons have years of experience and are highly skilled in their field.
  • Turkey’s hair transplantation centers are equipped with the latest technologies and techniques, such as FUE, DHI, and Sapphire. This ensures that patients receive the best possible treatment.
  • Clinics in Istanbul are the best. It’s one of the most popular cities in Turkey for hair transplantation. The city is home to many reputable clinics and hospitals, like CLINIQUEPLUS, that specialize in hair treatments.
  • Unlike european countries and United States, Turkey does not have long waiting lists for hair transplantation. This means that patients can schedule their treatment at a time that is convenient for them.
  • Turkey stands out with its many ancient cities, natural wonders and landscapes. We are sure you can find everything you hope to see.
  • Our country is also a great destination for a holiday, with its great weather, friendly people, and many different things to do. Patients can relax and enjoy their vacation after the treatment.


In conclusion, these factors make Turkey an ideal destination for all patients seeking hair transplant procedures. If you’re also considering it, our country should be at the top of your list. Get a free consultation from CLINIQUEPLUS now and let’s plan your process together. Please contact us.

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