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What is the Hollywood Smile?

The Hollywood smile is the name given to the perfect smile of the celebrities who are in front of the cameras. Extremely white teeth lined up like pearls in a row are known as the Hollywood smile. Among the general features of this dental appearance are; regular glazing, no gaps between the teeth and a remarkable white smile.

Hollywood teeth stand out with their attractive and assertive aspects. Today, every patient who wants to receive treatment in this field, which is related to dental aesthetics, is interested in the Hollywood smile. Millions of patients who want to have a good smile and a good appearance benefit from the advantages of smile design. Every detail that hinders the aesthetic appearance, such as tooth color, broken or missing teeth, reduces the quality of life and affects the self-confidence of the person.

If you want to have a good smile, you can get support from our clinic in Turkey. Turkey, which is among the most active and influential countries in health tourism, allows you to have an impressive smile.

Hollywood Smile in Turkey

Why should you choose Turkey for a Hollywood smile?

  • Prices are more affordable than in Europe and many other countries.
  • Turkey has the best doctors and the best health institution centers all around the world.
  • Turkey maintains maximum patient satisfaction by providing the most advanced services in the field of health tourism.
  • Turkey is among the centers due to hosting easy flights along with the advantage of its geographical location and advanced airline opportunities.
  • The best dental clinics and dental treatment centers are located in Istanbul.
  • A full-service policy of health tourism agencies is with you at every step of the treatment process. You will be treated to a premium level with hotel, transportation, clinic, treatment and VIP service.
  • You can get smile design service in Istanbul, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with 360 services and affordable price options.

What are the Hollywood Smile Costs?

Hollywood smile price in Turkey varies according to the clinic you will be treated. Istanbul is among the megacities that offer different budget alternatives to meet the needs of every patient. Among the cheapest applications, composite coatings are known as Lumineers and are the most preferred application. The price you pay through the agency you choose may vary. Contact Clinique Plus in order to get more information about price and other details!

Clinique Plus is one of the health centers that will enable you to get transportation, transfer, hotel, accommodation and professional consultancy services.

Celebrities with Hollywood Smile

Aesthetic smile design is among the touches that we see and inspire from celebrities. So, who are the celebrities who complete their perfect physical appearance with aesthetic tooth design?

  • Jimmy Carr, Nicolas Cage, Morgan Freeman, Tom Cruise, Catherine Z Jones are among the celebrities who have had dental aesthetics with a Hollywood smile. It seems that actors and actresses have benefited from the necessary treatments to improve their appearance.

How to Make a Hollywood Smile

The smile of the patient is designed by examining the nose, lips, jaw, teeth, gums, and face, and the most suitable tooth type for the face is decided afterward. The most important criterion of this personalized procedure is to ensure that all teeth up to the upper molars are visible when you smile, the lower lip harmonizes with the imaginary line passing through the cutting edges of the upper teeth, and the upper gums are not visible for more than 2 millimeters.

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