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What is Gingivectomy and how is it performed?

What is a Gingivectomy Procedure?

The process of removing the excess gums with the help of a surgical operation is called a gingivectomy. Gingivectomy, also known as tooth lengthening, is a very effective and ideal operation for patients to have a more aesthetic smile.

Gingivectomy can be performed in cases where the gums are more prominent than the teeth and the aesthetic appearance is adversely affected. Thanks to the operation performed after various physical examinations at the individual’s request, the gums’ dominant appearance are rasped. Gingivectomy; It can cause positive effects on the structure of the nose, lips, and chin. This operation, which is often preferred for the treatment of a “Gummy smile”, also known as a gum smile, aims to remove excess gum tissue and thus regulate the amount of gum.

Gingivectomy; also eliminates the dark and disturbing coloration that occurs as a result of the melanin pigments accumulated in the gum, in other words, gum pigmentation. Since excessive and non-aesthetic gum tissue will be removed during the operation, there is no such thing as gum growth in the following processes.

What is the Difference Between Gingivectomy and Gingivoplasty?

In a gingivectomy operation, the excess in the gum tissue is surgically removed. In the gingivoplasty procedure, healthy gingival tissues are reshaped. Both procedures are performed by experienced periodontists who are experts in gum disease.

Cleaning food residues and bacteria accumulated in gum pockets may not be done hygienically enough. At this point, gingival pockets containing only gum tissue may not be a problem thanks to the gingivectomy operation. In this way, the formation of bacteria is prevented and oral and dental health is improved. The aesthetic appearance that comes with gingivectomy is one of the biggest advantages.

How is Gingivectomy Operation Performed?

For the gingivectomy procedure, a detailed analysis is made of the patient’s general health status and whether the oral anatomy is suitable for the operation. After it is decided that the patient is the right candidate for the operation, oral and dental cleaning is performed to prevent the risk of infection. First, plaque and tartar cleaning is done. After the dental cleaning, the patient is given local anesthesia and the treatment process is started. The procedure can take between 5 minutes and 1 hour depending on the number of teeth and the patient’s jaw-mouth anatomy.

The operation, which has types such as surgical gingivectomy, laser Gingivectomy, and electrosurgery gingivectomy, achieves successful results in every method. Laser gingivectomy is one of the most preferred methods of periodontal surgery. It is possible to get a free consultation to find out about the laser gingivectomy cost.

How is Recovery Time After Gingivectomy Operation?

It is normal to see slight swelling and redness in the area where the surgery takes place and the patient does not need to worry. Gingivectomy side effects will lose their effect in an average of 2 weeks. Symptoms such as bruising or cracking on the lips may be observed. To help minimize the swelling in the face area, a cold compress can be performed on the intervened area with an ice pack at regular intervals.

Mild pain may be felt due to the slight damage to the nerve endings caused by the procedure and the local anesthesia injection made before the procedure. Pain medications prescribed by the periodontist should be used to eliminate the occurrence of infection and reduce the pain that is likely to be felt. Consuming soft foods and warm drinks until the healing process is completed is very important to prevent damage to sensitive gums. Dental floss should not be used until healing is complete. Teeth outside the area where the procedure takes place should be brushed as carefully as possible. After the gingivectomy healing process is completed, there is no harm in brushing all teeth.

The first step can be taken to have a healthier jaw structure and radiant smiles, which can eliminate both physical and aesthetic complaints. Free consultancy services are recommended to get information about the gingivectomy costs and all the details of the operation. Thanks to the consultancy services to be received, it is possible to choose the best periodontist and to obtain the desired appearance as a result of the operation.

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