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The Most Wondered Things About Post-Hair Transplantation Process

When your hair transplant procedure has been completed, all that remains is to capture the real results. As important as the clinic, doctor and treatment management you choose before the operation, what you need to do after the operation is just as important. You can get maximum results by taking the aftercare instructions determined by our specialist doctor seriously. If you want to go through a successful hair transplant process, you should pay attention to some things.

We have compiled the process after hair transplantation, what you should do and what you are most wondered about.

How Should I Feed After Hair Transplantation?

  • How Should I Feed After Hair Transplantation?

After hair transplantation, you should pay attention to what you eat and follow the advice given by your doctor. The products you eat and drink will affect your hair growth and provide you with positive or negative results. Along with a well-planned diet program, you should eat healthily and make a positive contribution to the transplanted hair.

Your newly planted hair follicles are affected by what you eat and the nutrients your body takes. As it is known, hair loss occurs two months after hair transplantation. A nutritious, vitamin-supplemented diet will normalize and reduce the condition. In order to nourish the hair follicles, you should pay attention to feeding with a diet program containing iron and zinc.

After hair transplantation, you should consume nourishing products and avoid some products!

If you want to get a great result in hair growth, you should avoid junk food consumption. You should pay attention to the consumption of chips, fried foods and similar oily foods.

Avoid Alcohol and Cigarette Consumption!

If you smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol, try to quit during this process. If you can’t, try to reduce it! The blood flow in a person’s body for a smoker is less than for a non-smoker. If you do not want to prolong your recovery process after hair transplantation, you should pay attention to the use of alcohol and cigarettes. According to the advice of doctors, you should take a break from alcohol and cigarettes one week before and two weeks after the hair transplant procedure.

If you want to have a healthier body, you should listen to these advices!

Which Shampoo Should I Prefer After Hair Transplantation?

Hair sensitivity after hair transplantation is among the important topics. If you want to achieve an efficient result in the structure and growth of the new hair after the procedure, you should choose the shampoos or additional products recommended by your doctor. To nourish the hair follicles, you should use natural products and avoid chemical-based products.

The most important feature in the use of shampoo after hair transplantation is that the shampoo should have a texture that will facilitate the attachment of the hair follicles to the scalp. If you want to get full efficiency from hair transplantation, the shampoo you use should have a healing effect and increase the moisture level of the skin.

You should decide which shampoo you should use after hair transplantation by consulting your doctor.

Can I Wear a Hat After Hair Transplantation?

Healing of the scalp and settling of new hair on the roots differ according to the patient. 10 days after the hair transplant operation, the grafts are completely fixed to the hair follicle. Covering the head should be avoided until you are sure of the fixation process, and you should stay away from procedures that will damage the hair follicles. If you compress the hair follicles before the grafts are fully placed, you may cause empty spots on your scalp.

Which hats are more suitable for me after a hair transplant?

  • You can choose a headband or adjustable loose hats.
  • Tight hats such as caps, berets, hoodies or baseball caps are not recommended in the first weeks.
  • You should not wear heavy hats such as a helmet for the first 6 weeks after hair transplantation.
  • You can wear a bonnet two weeks after the operation.
  • Some fabrics made of cotton or wool may stick to newly planted grafts. Do not use hats made from these fabric textures.

In addition to the use of hats, you should pay attention to your choice of clothes in the first weeks. You should avoid choosing tight, hard-to-remove clothes such as turtlenecks.

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