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Hollywood Smile: Journey from London to Istanbul

Hollywood Smile is a term used to describe a cosmetic dentistry procedure that involves improving the appearance of a person’s smile.

You may have become very familiar with this definition in recent years. Many people around the world have started to prefer this unique treatment for a more beautiful smile. Now it’s much easier to laugh like the celebrities you watch on TV.


This can be achieved through a combination of techniques such as teeth whitening, veneers, orthodontics, and dental implants, among others. The goal of a Hollywood Smile is to create a brighter, straighter, and more symmetrical smile.

Welcome to the world of perfect smiles then! If you’re based in London and searching for a reliable clinic to enhance your smile, you’ve come to the right place. Our clinic, CLINIQUEPLUS, specializing in dental care, has a proud background of serving patients from England and providing them with the best possible care.


Before answering questions such as where is the best dental treatment in Turkey, why should I come to Istanbul for a perfect smile, it would be useful to know a little about Hollywood Smile. Here are the most popular steps of this procedure.

What is the Hollywood Smile?

The procedure for a Hollywood Smile will vary depending on your specific needs. Typically, it starts with a consultation with a dentist to assess your dental health and discuss the desired outcome. Based on the first medical examination, the specialist will create a personalized treatment plan for you that may include one or more of the following procedures:


  1. Teeth Whitening: This involves using a bleaching agent to remove stains and discoloration from your teeth.
  2. Veneers: They are thin shells of porcelain or composite material that are placed over the front of your teeth to improve their appearance.
  3. Orthodontics: It can be used to straighten your crooked teeth and improve the alignment of your bite.
  4. Dental Implants: They are artificial teeth roots surgically placed into your jawbone to support replacement teeth.


The specific steps and the duration of the procedure will depend on the individual case and the techniques used. In general, a Hollywood Smile can take a few appointments over a period of several days to several months to complete.

Where is the best place in Turkey for Hollywood Smile?

You live in London and you wonder about the advantages of being treated in our clinic. Of course, you should learn these benefits before your journey to Istanbul. We are sure that the matters listed below will answer the question of where is the best place in Turkey for Hollywood Smile.


  • No Waiting Line

Gone are the days of waiting in long lines and wasting precious time. Our clinic in Istanbul is designed to ensure you get the quickest and most efficient service possible. With our state-of-the-art facilities, you’ll get treated by our highly-skilled medical team in no time.

  • Top-notch Medical Facilities in Turkey

Turkey is well-known for its top-notch medical facilities and our clinic is no exception. Equipped with the latest technology and staffed by highly experienced medical professionals, so CLINIQUEPLUS gives you peace of mind knowing you’re in good hands.

  • Highly Experienced Medical Team

Our team is made up of highly experienced and knowledgeable medical professionals who are dedicated to providing the best possible care to all of our patients, including you. They have a wealth of experience in the field of dental care and are constantly updating their knowledge to ensure they’re at the forefront of their field.

  • Using the Best Medical Equipment in Our Operations/Treatments

We understand that the quality of the equipment used during treatment is just as important as the experience and knowledge of the medical team. That’s why we only use the best medical material in our operations, ensuring that you get the best possible results.

  • Being a UK-Focused Clinic

As a UK-focused clinic, we understand the needs and expectations of people from England. We’re proud to serve the majority of our patients from the UK and are committed to providing them with the highest standard of care.

  • Short Flight Times and Ease of Planning

With short flight times from London to Istanbul, it’s easy to plan a trip to our clinic. Our contact office in London, opening in 2023, will make it even easier for you to plan your visit, answer any questions you may have, and assist you with all aspects of your journey, including before and after Hollywood Smile treatment.
Besides that, dental procedures, including Hollywood Smile treatments, are much cheaper in Istanbul compared to other cities in Europe, making it a popular destination regarding to health tourism.



We promise you first-class treatment with our friendly, educated, and experienced team. Our comfortable and hygienic clinic is located in Istanbul, which is distinguished from other European cities with its historical background and geographical location.

We have all the necessary accreditations in the field of health. We continue our work approved by the Ministry of Health. In addition, we have the Health Tourism Authorization Certificate and the Turkish Travel Agencies Association Certificate.


As a boutique clinic, you will feel the difference in our approach to you. We provide the best treatment service in all other fields in which we specialize, such as hair transplants. If you choose us, you will experience the following privileges during your treatment:


  • Booking your flight tickets,
  • Airport pick-up,
  • Luxury accommodation,
  • The most accurate treatment plan,
  • Meticulous post-treatment care,
  • Travel and other excursions.


You have come to Istanbul for Hollywood Smile, and you will be treated, but it will not end there. It is very easy to reach not only this historical city but also other touristic regions of Turkey. We also offer you a unique holiday option, including Hagia Sophia and Cappadocia. All this and more await you.


In conclusion, if you’re looking for a clinic that offers the best dental care in a top-notch medical facility, with highly experienced medical staff, and the latest technology, look no further than CLINIQUEPLUS. Please contact us for getting a free consultation today and start your journey toward a Hollywood smile!

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