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Full Guide on How to choose a Health Tourism Clinic in Turkey!

Turkey is one of the best countries for patients who seek quality and affordable healthcare overseas. The World Health Tourism Report is proof of this. Every year, the number of people coming to the country for treatment increases due to the global healthcare standards that are offered in Turkey. In addition to medical services, a wide range of opportunities also welcome you such as amazing sightseeing venues in Istanbul and top-notch accommodation at World’s best-known hotel brands.

But of course, as in every field, there are various must-follow areas to be aware of while planning your treatment in Turkey. Those areas will ensure that you will have a safe treatment journey in Turkey and will cause serious legal penalties and even imprisonment to the clinic if they are not followed.  Although Turkey is in the category of the most preferred country for medical travelers, this, unfortunately, does not mean that every clinic or hospital is authorized and provides high-quality services. At this point, making the right decision has great importance.


Medical Tourism in Turkey

Regulation On International Health Tourism and Tourist Health in Turkey has been arranged to protect the rights of patients coming from abroad to the utmost. However, it is unfortunately not possible to say that every facility fulfills all the requirements under all circumstances. There may be problems arising from various issues, including health tourist insurance, health tourism authorization certificate, and the competence of health professionals. The patient who wants to receive treatment may not be able to get complete information on these issues, and may not be able to reach comprehensive and accurate explanations.

This is an important issue for both Turkey and other countries engaged in health tourism. Risk prevention in health tourism is protected by law in Turkey. Legal regulations and strategies for the development of health tourism serve the purpose of providing maximum benefit and minimizing potential deficiencies and risks.

How to choose a Credible Health Tourism Agency?

If you are looking for medical treatment abroad, the following information will help you in your decision-making process. The Turkish Ministry of Health regularly audits the authorized medical travel companies. In order to provide healthcare and travel assistance, the company has to get an International Health Tourism Authorization Certificate from the Ministry of Health in Turkey.

In addition to having an International Health Tourism Authorization Certificate, it is extremely important in terms of quality and reliability that all criteria in regulatory standards are met in every circumstance and that International Health Tourism Intermediary Organization Competency should be legally audited. Hospitals that do not have a health tourism authorization certificate cannot legally treat patients and institutions engaged in such illegal activities are subject to legal penalties and the respective patient is not under the guarantee of the Turkish Government if any medical risks occur.

Here are the primary factors that we, as CLINIQUEPLUS, apply solidly and that all healthcare facilities should pay attention to:

  • The health facility’s “health quality assessment” must have a minimum score of 85. Quality assessment refers to the degree of compliance with predetermined healthcare standards. This system, which is determined and supervised by legal authorities and experts, is an important requirement for obtaining credible health services.
  • The health institution should have a website with comprehensive information about doctors, treatments, and clinics. By this means, for example, health tourists can learn about the medical backgrounds of doctors in detail.
  • Clinical and laboratory findings, diagnosis, degree of disease progression, type of treatment, treatment / post-treatment care, and what should be done after discharging from the hospital are explained to the patient within the scope of Competency Criteria in Health Tourism.
  • Medical tourism intermediaries are required to respond to calls 24/7. (Ps. At least one of the foreign languages must be English.)
  • Quality assurance is essential. Service quality should be constantly monitored and improved. It should have been certified that institutions meet the standards of critical accreditation systems such as Joint Commission (JCI), QHA Trent, Australian Council on HealthCare Standards (ACHS).


** Reliability is the most important factor! **


CLINIQUEPLUS provides health tourism services with the perspective of “patient safety stands before anything else and any cosmetic procedure that will put one’s health in danger should not be performed, even if it contradicts the patient’s request.”

After consultation, we first perform medical tests and according to their results, we proceed to the treatment phase. We do not apply untested treatments; we stay away from all procedures that will pose a safety risk. We provide full and complete hygiene conditions in order to eliminate the risk of viruses, bacteria, and infection.

We conduct in full compliance with the law. We offer a safe environment to our patients. Our healthcare facilities and our medical services are accredited by Turkish authorities. We have the health tourism authorization certificate, and we completed the legal audit processes with the best results. We only work with hospitals that meet all the requirements of international standards and have a certificate of authority.

Since we put safety and patients’ health first, we provide Healthcare Tourism Complication Coverage Insurance to our patients. We brief our patients regarding all the details about the operation and potential risks. In addition to that, we provide health services with our professional, well-educated, and experienced healthcare team.

We proudly state that our medical staff consists of healthcare professionals who regularly attend educational programs and follow medical innovations worldwide. We provide detailed explanations (such as the scope of the operation they want, the risks, and the recovery process of the treatments) to all our guests who contact us to receive treatment.

We prioritize that everyone should receive the best health care under the best circumstances and that foreign patients should return to their home countries “recovered”. We aim to increase the quality of medical tourism and keep the quality of health tourism in Turkey among the best in the world.

Health is one of the most essential elements of life. It is undeniable that everyone wants to receive the best health care. We know that! You can visit our website for detailed information about CLINIQUEPLUS and contact us anytime for information about treatment and services.

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