PRP is one of the hair treatments that individuals with hair loss problems can prefer. In this relatively new application, the patient's blood is taken, prepared with special techniques and injected into the relevant tissues in the body.

What is PRP Injection?

PRP is the process which is performed to separate the plasma of the blood that is taken from the person’s body with a special process and return it to the body. This sample, which is taken from the person’s own blood, has a very rich structure and has an important role in wound healing. PRP Treatment is one of the methods that can be applied to many areas of the body. 

It is one of the priorities of PRP treatment to heal some diseases by using a person's own blood or to contribute to the rejuvenation of the skin. In PRP treatment, cell regeneration is performed by using the patient’s own blood.

PRP is used in many areas from pain treatment to orthopedic treatments, especially hair loss and skin rejuvenation. This process is preferred to restore the hair or to prevent hair loss.

PRP Hair Treatment

Factors such as the patient's medical history or personal preferences may require different treatments to be applied to different people. Therefore, it is a great advantage to have different hair transplantation methods such as PRP, DHI, and FUE. The method that will be ideal for the patient will be determined after the interview between the patient and the doctor and according to the results of the medical examination.

Who is Suitable for PRP?

PRP, which has a wide application area as mentioned before, is applied to people suffering from hair loss (alopecia areata).PRP hair treatment is preferred by people with hair thinning, partial baldness, and hair follicle problems. It is suitable for people who experience problems such as female pattern hair loss and male pattern baldness. For PRP, the patient must be 18 years or older. Pregnant women, those with a history of cancer, or people with a blood-based disease are generally not suitable candidates for PRP.

How is PRP Performed?

PRP hair treatmentPRP, Platelet-Rich Plasma, is the injection of the “platelet” in the blood into the scalp. First, a special serum containing platelets is prepared and this substance is injected into the bald areas. As a result, the scalp becomes stronger, hair growth occurs and the degree of hair loss decreases.

The specialist physician takes blood from the patient and puts it into a special tube. A special mixture is prepared by combining the blood which is taken from the patient and the tube that contains the gel. The mixture is applied to the patient with the injection method. PRP treatment, which is applied between 2 and 4 weeks, takes 3-4 sessions according to the needs of the person.

PRP Hair Treatment Recovery Process

Hair treatment with PRP takes about 2-4 weeks and is completed in 3 to 5 sessions. The number of sessions and the duration of the procedure may vary according to:

  • Type of hair problem,
  • Hair loss degree,
  • Location of bald spots,
  • General health status of the patient.

PRP transplant results are long-lasting, not permanent. Therefore, the plastic surgeon may want to repeat the PRP treatment. It is an easy-to-apply treatment method, and serious side effects are not encountered. Swelling, pain, and tenderness may be felt at the injection site. The doctor may prescribe painkillers to relieve pain.

With CLINIQUEPLUS PRP treatment, you can add volume to your hair and have thicker and healthier hair. Please, contact us for detailed information about positive results-oriented all hair treatments.